James Parker

Script Writing | Games Design | Consultancy


James Parker is a games designer, script writer, and aficionado.

He has been tooling about the games industry for fifteen years working for a range of clients and currently divides his time offering his services as a freelance script writer, game designer, and consultant, and acting as head honcho at Bristol-based games behemoth Ground Shatter Ltd..

Script Writing

James specialises in writing for licensed properties, bringing characters from existing media into the gaming realm while maintaining their recognisable “voice”.

He has written scripts for marines, criminals, Spongebob Square Pants, and Simon Cowell. Only one of them ever wrote to thank him.

Making use of his games design background, he ensures that the script design process is given the same care as the writing itself, ensuring high quality, natural sounding, and relevant game dialogue.

Script Writing

With fifteen years’ experience as a games designer, working across every* genre and every** platform, James slots effortlessly into any team set-up.

With a technical background, he can also do level design and content scripting with whatever random setup you have

(But if you’re using Unity, so much the better)

His puzzle game Droplitz, was given 9.5/10 by Destructoid, just sayin’

* Except MMORPGs

** Except any of Nintendo’s handhelds, weirdly


Having worked on high-budget, boxed titles, arcade-style downloadable games, and bitesize mobile content, James is in a rare position to tell you what to do and how to do it.

He can assist with techniques for increasing acquisition, retention, and monetisation, understanding both the underlying business models and their games design ramification.

He can also help make your games fun... yeah, I know, pretty old school!

For more info drop him an email

Blitz Games Studios Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Mobile Pie
Codemasters Atlas Curve
Eidos THQ DNA Studios
Channel 4 / E4 Konami
BBC Lego
Ground Shatter

James is founder, director, and prime mover at Ground Shatter Ltd.

Ground Shatter is a no-nonsense games development studio, making awesome games for people who like buttons.

Famously, it has the best about page on the internet.

For more information visit GroundShatter.com